Monday, July 29, 2013

"Twelve Day Howling Success Quilt" by me

Hi everyone, I thought I would share something I did in 2006. Yes that seems an eternity away, but I still remember making this quilt & how to keep my daughter from seeing what I was up to for hours on end... especially when it was Christmas & birthdays at the same or near to date.
   My daughter still has it (so she should too), it has been through the wash a few times & none of the colour has come out.... it's still as vibrant as the day I had finished it.
Anyway, I salvaged the piece of writing & the original picture from where I put it onto a site... I couldn't believe they still had it there!!! ( a great site for finding out how to do just about anything, I know I had used it a lot in my earlier years of quilting. Also other cool things I wanted to know at that time. So thank you to for holding onto the picture & it's story for me.

"This is a single bed size quilt that I made in 12 days before my oldest daughter's 21st birthday, which happened to be 2 days after Christmas, 2006. I hand painted the background and appliqued the black wolf and foreground. Where the colours change, I changed the embroidery thread. There are 15 different colours used throughout the quilt. I did an embroidered Celtic design on the blue outside border. The inspiration for this quilt was my daughter's love of wolves & Celtic designs. I enjoyed making the quilt, but would have enjoyed having a bit more time to complete it."
I hope you like it!!!

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