Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hi All,
I made this one using a scrap piece of paper from my "K-Mart Packs" (the water type paper), cut out some icebergs & went around the edges with a black marker (so it would show up on the background), then stamped a penguin in black on white cardstock from a "Stampin' Up" set "Wild about you"... I think, unless it's been put in the wrong box at one
Before gluing the bits on I used my Stampin' Up pale blue on a piece of plactic first then used my SU Blending pens to make the appearance of the ski being whispy. I glued all pieces to a plain white card, including the penguin.
I then did some tiny little penguins in the background diving & sitting on the ice... My little mate at the front was lonely, I thought!!

As Jess said on her Blog, "it went together without  a problem!"

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Turtle Towel

I have been doing a bit of embroidery over the past couple of days. One was a towel with a friend's name on it as a birthday present to him... Happy Birthday Waz!!! I also am playing around with some embroidery groups that have a monthly projects.... This is one we had to do on a towel (on my computerized machine), it's a "Jacobean Style" Turtle. I decided to do it in pink colours as my daughter is going to have a baby girl in a few months, I thought it would be a good "dribble towel" as it's the size of a hand towel.
 Waz's Towel was done on my old machine, partly because I can go to any size embroidery I want where the computerized one is very restricted on sizing areas.

Monday, January 24, 2011


This one is nearly an opposite to 001.

Reggie_001 card

I got some scrap papers from K Mart, & decided to have a play.... I hope you like my creations.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Start

This blog is my first ever, I have got many items to show you all, but it all takes time, so be on the watch for new postings, soon.
Thanks for coming & having a sticky at my closet.
Have a great day,

"Tiger's Head"

This is what they call "Thread Painting" in the embroidery world these days. It was done on an old style embroidery machine that has a knee press to apply the width of the stitches as you move the hooped fabric around on the machine. This Tiger's Head took a total of 3 hours all up with embroidering on the black fabric. I used a piece of chalk to create a very quick sketch of what I was going to do. There are about 12 different colour threads used on this, it measures approx. 8"x10" (the head itself). I basically freehand embroidered this on my special Industrial Singer Embroidery machine. He hangs in our lounge room now-a-days, I did have him for sale after I made him, but nobody wanted to pay for the time I spent & all the thread I used back then, so he proudly lives with us & will probably stay in the family forever... or until I'm gone & the kids want $$$$ If it's worth anything then!!!

Sunset on the Central Coast

This painting is from a photo that was taken by one of my daughters. It has been painted in water colours. I did this one around 2004-5

Snowed In

This is a very early piece I did in poster paints. I can't remember where I got the picture from, but I know I fell in love with it's stillness & tranquility. I sometimes dream of having a little place in the middle of nowhere that I can do my own things without interruptions... don't we all at some time in our lives?
Painted by myself, Reggie