Monday, June 24, 2013

Challenge of the Month (2 of 2)

Hi Again,
                Yep.... I have been busy!!!! I decided to make a small "Smash Book" using the shapes from the challenge this month, as you can see I made 3 pages with different papers/ heavy card stock/ ribbons & some cutouts from my favorite toy the "Silhouette Cameo"... I made the flowers from that, the rest I measured & cut myself. All the products were bits & pieces from my stash. Oh, and the Big Note came into play on the inside of one page too. I am putting this into the Challenge I go into recently just to add up the numbers... Plus I had fun making something different.... I don't usually do real "pretty" pieces, so this was a challenge for me
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Here is the sketch for the challenge

This is the front....
 <<<<< Inside the 1st page
<<<<<< Inside the 2nd page

<<<<<<<<< Back cover.

Challenge of the Month.... June (1 of 2)

Hi All, Hope you have all had a great June so far. I've had a husband celebrate his 52nd birthday, been sick (both of us), had an air conditioner die, a computer die... actually 2 computers, though my husband's is an ongoing saga with Acer. Mine? well it's leaving soon to be looked at due to the "hard drive" being very ill.... so I guess that's 3 Oh and we just found out that my daughter has "one" 1 baby in her tummy... not multiples... TG!!!!! I don't know how we all would cope... especially the mum, when she has 2 toddlers a husband, and very limited income.
Anyway, that's enough of my dramas for now..... Now onto what I have been up to in crafting, or more like crafting for a challenge of the month I do most of the time lately.
We were given something totally different this month, I think people are a bit scared of this one as it has a lot of different shapes within it.
I looked at the sketch & it took me some time before it hit me what I could do with those shapes, as you can see there are circles & rectangles all over the place... then I saw the shape of a "camera" pop out at me... derrrrr!!!! So that's the basis for my card. I hope you like it, it was actually fun & not that hard to do after all.
This is one of two things I came up with from these shapes... the other I will be entering as well... Just so they have a few different things on the blog.... hopefully totally different!!!
Here is the blog link to have a look at the other things people do as well as the Challenge of the Month.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< This is the sketch!!

<<<<<<<<<This is my idea!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Grandkid's Pants

With the weather turning cold and rainy, I decided it was time to use some of my fabric stash. The grandkids needed some new pants, amoung other things... So I made a pair of pants for Sam (my grandson 3 1/2yrs old), when he was staying over for a couple of nights.  He went home wearing them & his mum (my daughter) said she loved them as they were narrow enough to stay up & easy for him to let down when going to the toilet. I had some of the same fabric left, so made him another pair & a pair for his little sister, Bree. She is wearing Sam's jeans I made him last year, so the sizing was fine to repeat for her. I just added a little in the width & length for Sam's size from last year. I don't think it's hard to figure out who's are who's, as one has little white flowers on the "cargo type pockets.
I hope you enjoy looking at them, they are supposed to be khaki green in colour.... sorry if my spelling is out!!
My sewing is much better than my

            Bree's with white trim                                                                            Sam's plain