Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 Stampin Good Time & What I've Been Doing....

    Yep, 2013 has already showed us all it's weather in approximately 6 weeks!! I can't believe we have had Summer, Winter, Spring & Autumn in this short time, but yes we have... At least in
Summer.... Wow!!! over 45 degrees celcius (we actually had 48 one day!!!!).... Then the other extreme... Flooding rains & even snow in some parts of this land we call home.... Spring you ask? well before the heatwaves the gardens were looking very pretty & the grass was green, birds chirping away to each other in the flowering & fruiting trees.... Autumn? well after those hot days everything in my garden looked rather brown in parts, so yes it had some autumn
     Now we are getting tropical too!! Having the warm to hot humid days, then a thunder storm or two in the afternoon or night... this part reminds me of my trip (many, many years ago) to Western Samoa, the weather was just like this.... beautiful during the day & then "BANG" a thunderstorm.
    So with the weather report done with, let's get onto what I have been doing lately (apart from trying to get over the flu). Craft!!!! Of course..... Well, for starters my oldest daughter Amanda has decided that she wants to take up sewing... YAY!!!!!!!!! It's only taken her until 27yrs after her birth for her to actually be interested in sewing & wants to make things for her kids & also for around the house. We have done a couple of lessons but the WILL be more!!! So this is getting me motivated to do some sewing... lol... Yep, I get to do some "taking in" of clothes for my middle daughter Jessica. After all this time I have been making her clothes (not all of them) as she is a very large girl... BUT!!!! Now she is losing weight as she is heading off to get 2/3's of her stomach removed in April, so has been on a special diet to start getting her used to what she will & won't be able to eat after the surgery. The whole family are SO proud of her as in the past 3 months she has lost a total of 20kg!!!! Go Jess.... Yes, she is the one that makes all those beautiful cards we see on her blog & facebook....      Which now brings me to Card Making! Ok, I have been a lazy girl & not put up any of my cards I have been making, but hopefully this will change (crossing After my epic story I seem to be creating here I will get to the uploading of my cards & other things I've been creating... Oh yeah, That is my word for 2013... to "CREATE".
    Now I know this isn't weather or craft related but I have mentioned 2 of my 3 girls & I know what will happen if I don't mention ALL of them, so here goes.... Rebecca my youngest decided to move to South Australia last year to be with her boyfriend & other friends she had made over there. She also got into the Uni over ther so she can continue her studies, in a way she is art minded too. She is doing Graphic Design.... Bachelor of. She loves computers & drawing so combined the two. Yes I miss her, but with mobile phones, Skype, etc. it helps & we hear from her regularly.
    There is one more girl I call a daughter, as she stayed with us for 10 months, years ago now but we keep in contact & we even when to her wedding... in Japan. She is my Japanese daughter I call her, & she calls us her Aussie Mum & Dad. I have to mention her too!!! She became pregnant last year after miscarriages & now she is approx. half way through so this bub is a keeper!!! When she told me & was so excited for her & I kept my fingers crossed that this one was going to make it.
    Ok, now I'm going to put this post up & go & make myself a cup of coffee so I can get ready to add all these pictures I have promised.


  1. Now, I've finished your epic.... I will leave a big *HUG*

  2. This a long story.. but so I keep also updated about the family and so good from Jess! Nice valentine day