Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Tiger's Head"

This is what they call "Thread Painting" in the embroidery world these days. It was done on an old style embroidery machine that has a knee press to apply the width of the stitches as you move the hooped fabric around on the machine. This Tiger's Head took a total of 3 hours all up with embroidering on the black fabric. I used a piece of chalk to create a very quick sketch of what I was going to do. There are about 12 different colour threads used on this, it measures approx. 8"x10" (the head itself). I basically freehand embroidered this on my special Industrial Singer Embroidery machine. He hangs in our lounge room now-a-days, I did have him for sale after I made him, but nobody wanted to pay for the time I spent & all the thread I used back then, so he proudly lives with us & will probably stay in the family forever... or until I'm gone & the kids want $$$$ If it's worth anything then!!!

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