Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mum Says.....


       I decided to make my mum a special Mother's day gift this year. You see, she is a very arty woman & loves handmade things. She is 76yrs young (and I'm not joking), she is more alive that some people that are half her age. Anyway, back to her gift.... We went to a craft show in August last year (2012) & I found a bag that I fell in love with... well of course mum did too! It's not so much a "hand" bag, more a back pack! The original one that the lady had hanging up was black & white, had some paisley design, stripes & plain fabrics included in it's make-up. The woman had made that & quite a few other colours & designs, all hanging up for sale or you could buy the pattern & make your own. Well of course I went with the "cheaper" & bought the pattern... lol It didn't end up that cheap in the end. After I bought the special "grommets" (the black plactic discs) for one bag.... 8 in total at a cost of $4.40 each set, then add the fabric, wadding, cotton, zipper, buttons & my time, it certainly ended up a little more (heaps) than you would expect to pay for a back pack... But, I don't care!!! I set out to make something different & it turned out just that & I am quite shocked on how well it went together.
      I said to mum, "If you don't like it, I'll certainly take it back!" Her answer was.... "You will have to wait until you inherit it!!!"  Now, I think by that and saying the "I LOVE IT!!" several times when opening her gift, I can honestly smile & pat myself on the back for another gift well accepted!!!
Front on View
 Close-up Front Pocket
 Side on View
 Back View
 Open view
 Inside Pocket with pen slot on side
 Inside Pocket (other side) Zippered
 And how it looks when worn!!


  1. Looks so much better than the one at Newcastle show! :D

  2. Oh,what a lovely bag you made and than the cats on nice...greetings ,Joan