Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Stockings

     I just finished making these Christmas Stockings for my 2 grand children. I found some "pre-quilted typ red fabric (enough to make these two with a little left) from the op-shop a while back & also got the white cotton fabric from one of those op-shops too..... Love those op-shops!!!!! Anyway, the mum of these two kids wanted me to make one for each of the kids as I had made small ones for her & her 2 sisters when they were little. I used my computerised embroidery machine for the lettering (the font came with the machines program). Peter (my husband) made the choice to what font to use.... I think it has come out looking good... Thanks Pete. The MOST fun part..... Oh that would have to be trying to stuff the toe area with wadding!!! Not really a fun job when your hands aren't real good.
     Anyway, all turned out fine & at least got done for Christmas.
Oh & by the way, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas & New Year.
I have a feeling I will be making one of these to be sent over to Japan for next Christmas.... All fingers, legs & toes crossed. XXXXXX

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