Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hi Everyone,
Sorry I haven't been around much in the past few months. I have been busy with travel, family, home & general things. I NEED to get back to doing some contructive work in the craft room. At the moment I am starting to see some floor in my workroom!!! I have actually put time aside on sorting all my crafty stuff & am getting through it all slowly, usually at night when there isn't much on TV or can't sleep. The other reason I usually can't get in here during the day is that awful word we all hate "Interuptions"......
Usually the phone, or someone needs me to help them with something. LOL, don't get me wrong, I love being helpful to people but we DO need our own time right?
Oh, and a big hello to someone I only just found even existed, Joan.... My 2nd cousin on my father's side in Holland. I will be sending you (Joan) an email over the next day or 2, so look for me in your emails then.
Well everyone, please take care and look after yourselves and those in Australia.... I wish you all a Very Happy Australia Day (26th Jan.)

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  1. Goodmorging Regina.Its by you moring here late in the evening ..Hey, I saw your message in your blog and yes I"m Happy to here from you !I follow now also Yess( so speciaal ,she have also a white cat with two coulers eys and -a red cat like we have) her blog..soooo, I ceep waitsing if there someting from you in mine mailbox! Bye for now(Hope you gonna make nice things and put it on your weblog soon) Joan