Friday, June 17, 2011

Stampin' Up! Craft get together.

Hi All,
Once a month or two, we have a group of friends come over & have a SU party, each time someone different hosts so I don't have to supply the food, etc. Anyway, this was my 1st time playing teacher for the day. I decided to let them all have quite a bit of freedom with colour, design, etc. The only requirement was for the 8x8 scrap book/freestanding picture was that & to pick colours that were in the photo they supplied... The theme being Big, Little or pets at play (I included pets as some of us our pets are our kids). As you can see there is a wide difference in these 8x8's.
 The other project was to cover a small note pad & place a design to their own liking on the front, most of them added a pen holder loop that was glued with a hot glue gun (my job, so nobody would get burnt). I gave a couple of ideas I'd made up earlier as a guide... the brown paper bag was the popular choice I think.
I hope you enjoy browsing through all the works of art. So just so you know.... the rectangles are the note books & the squares are the 8x8 scrap book/picture (the 8x8's have a sitting picture rest that I copied from a commercial frame hot glue gunned to the back & a ribbon to hold in place) so you can sit them on a  shelf.

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